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Welcome to Tampa Bay Trane, Florida's west coast district office. Since we were founded in 1969, our goal has always been to provide for the growing needs of our owner, consulting engineer and installing contractor customers. We are dedicated in providing the best HVAC equipment, controls, intelligent service, maintenance and parts to fit your needs and expectations. Our team of salesmen, engineers and technicians strive to make sure everything is and will continue to run smoothly for you, and are constantly being kept up to date and trained on the latest in the HVAC industry. Let us relieve you of the Florida heat and find the right system for you.

Our Customers

Our customers are the most important people in our business. Our customers are the reason we exist. Our job is to meet thier needs by using the resources within our firm.

Our Associates

Our associates are our most important resource. They provide the sole source for our ability to meet our customer’s needs. We have set high standards for job qualification and job performance.

Our Promise

Tampa Bay Trane is a system of companies in which Trane products are a major ingredient. Our ongoing job is to insure that customer satisfaction with Tampa Bay Trane is of the highest level throughout the life of the system.

HVAC Training

"Trane® trains the HVAC industry."  This commonly quoted phrase represents the depth to which Trane is recognized as a leader in providing training resources for our customers and employees. Tampa Bay Trane is committed to developing educational programs structured around emerging trends, standards, and industry needs. We offer onsite training for a variety of educational opportunities from Air Conditioning courses taught by highly trained Engineers to Service Training taught by knowlegable Tampa Bay Trane technicians with strong HVAC backgrounds. 

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Ready for now. Resilient for tomorrow.

As you prepare to reopen your buildings, we recognize you have a lot of questions. Indoor air quality suddenly matters more than ever. Energy efficiency and sustainability have always mattered. But improving and enhancing building performance requires experience and hands-on expertise. We turn insights and data into an action plan you can move on immediately. So you can plan to reopen your building with confidence— and make it more resilient for tomorrow.


Indoor Air Quality Assessment

An IAQ Assessment gives you better insight into your building's overall air quality.

Access the Indoor Air Quality Assessment


Energy Check Up

Use an energy check up to help pinpoint areas of inefficiency and discover opportunities to improve.  So you can prepare your building today - and even evolve if plans change tomorrow.


System Startup Services

An idle building can be tricky to ramp up again.  Avoid unwelcome surprises from your HVAC system with Trane® System Startup.

System Startup Brochure          View our System Startup Checklist


Remote Services

As a building owner or leader, there are many important factors to consider when reopening your building. With our Remote Diagnostic Services, you can ensure you’re not overlooking any problems or missing out on opportunities for improvement.

Learn more about Remote Services



HVAC Service Training

Tampa Bay Trane provides a variety of Service Training courses to enhance your knowledge of HVAC industry standards and trends.

Local Rental Services

Trane Supply Rental Services is your one-stop shop for Equipment, Replacement Parts, Installation Items, Maintenance Supplies, and Temporary Cooling Rentals.